Knud Stűwe is a composer guitarist and oud player (sound cloud link here) who lives in Bristol.  He draws inspiration from a wide range of influences such as Jazz, Middle Eastern music, Tango and the Classical repertoire.
He is, together with libretist Karen Hayes, currently working on a chamber opera which fuses the realism of living in a care home with the mythologigal world Ovid's "Metamorphosis".  

He also started the trio "Mr. Dowland's Midnight" (www.mrdowlandsmidnight.com) in collaboration with oud player Simon Leach, and Jake McMurchie on sax which performs traditional music from the Middle East next to pieces by John Dowland, Eric Satie and originals.
Mr.D.M. featured on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction in 2015. 

Band member of  Brejeiro (Choros) and Chai For Two (Modern Jazz, Klezmer and Originals) and Nabra (oud duo). Regular guest appearances also for Baraka, Bristol European Jazz Ensemble and vocalists Nick Langston and Cindy Stratton.

Knud is a pianist for the improvised comedy show Instant Wit and is the conductor and MD for the Bristol Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble and

teaches guitar at Sea Mills primary school in Bristol http://guitaratseamills.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/blog-post.html He is available for private tuition.
A Kurdish piece "Agir Kettye Dicemin" Featuring Knud Stüwe on oud

Wanderlust an original composition by Knud features Huw Johnson on sax, Trevor Davies drums and Knud Stüwe on electric guitar.

Bath Welcomes Refugees

Larkhall BA1 6RA, Bath

Syrian dinner cooked by members of the refugee families residing here in Bath. Details in poster below. Tickets are £10 and the proceeds will go to Citizens UK, who support refugees charities and groups across the UK. now sold out

May Gig Frenzy 

Had a busy week with gigs with Nabra (Frome and London), BEJE at Bridport Art Centre, Brejeiro at the Bell in Bath and the Hip Cats at a private event.


Glasgow with the Bristol Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble was a great success and a lot of fun - and we won a trophy!
Also enjoyed my first gig with Brejeiro at the Hen and Chicken.


Looking forward to conducting the Bristol Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble at the BMG rally in Glasgow this weekend.
We will perform pieces by Gustav Holst, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Egberto Gismonti and Riad El Sombati.
First gig with Brejeiro at the Hen and Chicken on 17th March.

Autumn highlights 

- playing the oud for BBC production "Hollow Crown" (score by Dan Jones).
- conducting the Bristol Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble in packed All Saints church
- Joining "Brejero"