Knud Stűwe is a composer guitarist and oud player (sound cloud link here) who lives in Bristol.  He draws inspiration from a wide range of influences such as Jazz, Middle Eastern music, Tango and the Classical repertoire.

In 2017 Knud together with double bass player Daphna Sadeh formed the duo "Eastern Strings" https://www.easternstringsuk.com featuring originals by both Dapna and Knud. CD to be released soon on "33 Jazz Records". 

Knud recently worked as composer and arranger for "Longing, Belonging and Balfour"  a musical theatre telling of the 1917 Balfour declaration story  The show successfully toured the UK in 2017 and Palestine in 2018.

Knud also started the trio "Mr. Dowland's Midnight" (www.mrdowlandsmidnight.com) in collaboration with oud player Simon Leach, and Jake McMurchie on sax which performs traditional music from the Middle East next to pieces by John Dowland, Eric Satie and originals.
Mr.D.M. featured on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction in 2015. 

Band member of  Brejeiro (Choros) and Chai For Two (Modern Jazz, Klezmer and Originals) and Nabra (oud duo). Regular guest appearances also for Baraka, Bristol European Jazz Ensemble and vocalists Nick Langston and Cindy Stratton.

Knud is a pianist for the improvised comedy show Instant Wit and is the conductor and MD for the Bristol Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble and

teaches guitar at Sea Mills primary school in Bristol http://guitaratseamills.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/blog-post.html He is available for private tuition.